What You Need to Know about Magic Jack
Consumer Reports and Complaints

angry customerControversy is one of the most intricate things. One the one side, you think you should definitely do it, on the other you know that you should better not. So, how are you supposed to make a decision? With the help of some subjective and unbiased assistance. Or, if you cannot get some assistance like that, then you need to make a conclusion based on a number of facts. In this review, we are going to provide you the facts on Magic Jack, so you can decide yourself.

$40 equal unlimited. The price of this high end VoIP gadget sounds too good to be true to believe that Magic Jack can enable you to make and receive local and long distance phone calls within the US and Canada at no cost. The device is small and handy, it is very easy to set up: you just plug it into the computer’s USB port, it automatically installs the software and then you plug your conventional landline phone to the device. That is it. No muss, no fuss. And then you have the world of unlimited talk time open for you. You can even take Magic Jack abroad and make free phone calls to the US and Canada. Or you can send the device to your friends abroad so they can reach you absolutely free of charge. So, what is the problem, then?

charged from credit card

Glitches. The company has sold thousands of Magic Jacks all over the country. As soon as the over night success was widespread, the complaints started to come up. Many angry and devastated customers were (and are still) saying that the company cheated them and charges the full price of the gadget no matter that a free trial was ordered. Then they could not get through to customer service representatives to get any assistance on that. The number of complaints was getting bigger and bigger and finally they company, which is YMAX Corporation headed by Don Borislow, came in view of BBB. And now according to BBB ranking, Magic Jack is an unworthy company to deal with. They say that the company (a) does not care about complaints and does not take any measures to settle them, (b) misleads the customers by their advertising, and (c) does not meet many licensing requirements and regulations. However, after having read numbers positive feedbacks, taken a quick look at the general specifications of the product, and taken into account the price of it, it is still difficult to believe that Magic Jack is really just scam. Well-known Laptop magazine reporters have also thought so, so they have asked Don Borislow a couple of questions.

poor service

Improvements. The inventor has stated that the claims about false charges are completely untrue. He explained, that only those customers who had used debit cards while ordering the free trials were charged a hold. And they were warned about that hold. The company has already changed its debit card holders policy and now they do not accept debit cards for free trials, but offer 30-day money back guarantee. The issue with poor customer service was explained by Don Borislow was an unexpected repercussion to the over night success of the device. However now, according to him, the service has been much improved and is going to get even better. The representative can be reached within seconds.

So, now it is up to the Magic Jack users to decide whether this device is going to be the real breakthrough gadget in the VoIP industry or not.